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Whenever we hear about Indian food, the first thing that comes to is the spices. Throughout the ages, traders from the Western World landed up on the Malabar Coast in search of various spices popularly coined “Black Gold”. If history is to be believed, even King Solomon sent Phoenician sailors to India to purchase spices. The reason behind this craze was understandable as it imparted medicinal & preservative value in addition to making the flavours jump out of the plate.


Popularly referred to as “karuvapatta” in Southern India, it’s obtained from the bark of Cinnamonium. At a point of time, it was used as currency & also has aphrodisiac properties. In addition to its fantastic flavour, it has high anti-oxidant activity, and the oil of cinnamon has strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Cinnamon is also a great source of manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium.


This spice gets its name from the French word “clou” which means nail, as many have remarked on how much cloves look like nails. They are the dried aromatic flower buds of an evergreen tree. The essential oil is said to have many medicinal properties and has been used for centuries to cure many ailments which includes antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, antiviral, antiparasitic, analgesic, and simulative properties making them a great overall healer.


It is the underground stem/ tuber of the ginger plant which was originally cultivated in Asia. Ginger has a sweet and spicy aroma with the young ginger rhizomes being juicy, fleshy and having a very mild taste. It’s picked and used as an ingredient in cooking dishes or steeped in boiling water for ginger tea while powdered dry ginger is often used as a flavoring for snacks.


Popularly referred to as the “King of Spices, it’s the third most added ingredient to recipes behind water & salt. Peppercorns are the seed berries of the Piper nigrum (piper being Latin for plant, and nigrum meaning black) vine, originating on the Malabar coast of India.


Hailing from the Onion family “Allium sativum”, it’s been in the seasoning scenario in almost all the major cuisines since ages. Its daily usage aids and supports the body in ways that no other herb does. It is one of the most effective anti-microbial plants available, acting on bacteria, viruses and alimentary parasites.

Rice & Rice powder

Rice is the second most cultivated grain in the world after maize & the most consumed cereal grain. It goes without saying that rice is the staple dish of the Asians though for the Western World, it might assume the stature of a side dish. Taking into account the different regions of the world, we do have an array of rice varieties. Rice powder also plays an integral in the preparation of various South Indian dishes such as steam cake, Idli etc.

Basmati Rice

Known as the “Queen of fragrance”, a variety of long grain rice noted for its fragrance & delicate flavor. The grains are found to become longer on being cooked along with its property of being firm & non sticky. The best types of basmati rice are aged for several years before they are milled and sold, as rice cooks better with lower moisture content.

Wholegrain rice

Also known as brown rice, is simply white rice that hasn’t been hulled. Generally low in fat with little or no cholesterol, whole grain rice is rich in complex carbohydrates including soluble & insoluble dietary fiber.

Red raw rice

Red rice, also known as red rice yeast, has a reputation for lowering “bad” blood cholesterol levels (LDL) in individuals. It can be classified as either an herbal remedy or a dietary supplement. Red rice contains monacolins, which are naturally occurring statins.

White rice

White rice is prepared by completely removing the hull of the grain and exposing the endosperm which then undergoes a polishing stage.Owing to this, it loses out many of the nutrients unlike brown rice.

Parboiled rice

The rice is usually slightly yellowish, although the colour largely fades after cooking. It is produced by a process of soaking, pressure steaming and drying prior to milling. This modifies the starch and permits the retention of much of the natural vitamins and minerals.

Summing up, we have more than ten varieties of rice which includes Premium Basmati, Sella Basmati, Matta rice, Parboiled rice, Raw rice, Sona masoori, Ponni rice and Idly rice which are available in 5-25 kg.

Along with this, pure & fresh whole meals from premium brands of India & Australia are supplied such as Ashirvad, Annapoorna and Pillsburry along with Atta (wholemeal flour) priced at AU$ 9.99 for 10 Kg.

Curry powder, Curry masala & Curry pastes

The Indian population is hooked unto spicy curries, so the ingredients to dish it up is available here in plentiful from premium masala brands. To add onto the flavor, special ingredients such as Saffron, Hing, Gingelly oil, Mustard oil, Kalonji, Shajeera, Nutmeg etc., are also stocked along with curry pastes such as Ginger/Garlic & Tamarind.


Referred to as “poor man’s meat”, it is the dried edible seeds of cultivated legumes. They belong to the family of peas, beans and lentils. The English word “pulse” is taken from the Latin puls, meaning pottage or thick pap. They are rich in lysine which is deficient in many cereals along with being good sources of the B group vitamins except for riboflavin.

Cooking oil

It’s been observed that different parts of the world prefer different types of oils to prepare their food in, such as South Indians prefer Coconut oil while the North Indians prefer Mustard. In order to cater to the demands of all the groups, we have quite a variety of them on our shelves in 500ml, 1 Ltr,2 Ltr and 20 Ltr bottles.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil contains saturated fats that are different from those present in animal fats. Like other vegetable oils, coconut oil also does not contain cholesterol and hence can be safely consumed as part of a balanced diet.

Sunflower oil

It is a popular cooking oil available under many brand names. This oil is rich in PUFA, particularly linoleic acid that lowers the levels of both good and bad cholesterol.

Mustard Oil

This oil is traditionally used in West Bengal and is known for its characteristic flavour. It has a high proportion of MUFA and is also a rich source of the PUFA.

Gingelly oil

Commonly known as sesame oil, it is made from sesame seeds & is native to South India. Its antioxidant properties are effective in the lowering of blood pressure and cholesterol, believed to be due to the polyunsaturated fatty-acids contained in gingelly oil.

Biriyani ingredients

Biriyani is one of the most popular dishes in India with numerous iconic varieties such as Hyderabadi biriyani or Calicut biriyani to name a few. In addition to the particular rice type, a whole plethora of condiments goes into the preparation along with the choice of meat.

Non-vegetarian products

We, at Flavourin ensure that the best animal & fish produce in the country is brought to the customers’ disposal. With fast food, occupying an integral part of our day to day life, meat products are also accordingly prepared as burgers, nuggets & meat pies which is keenly sought for by the Aussies.


Being a multi-cultural society, we ensure that all the meat products be it chicken, beef & goat are all halal. In this way, the religious sentiments of various sections of the community are taken into account. All efforts are ensured that the produce is obtained from the best sources with quality ensured. Corned products of beef & mutton are also stocked.


One of the most sought after dish among the Asian population is undoubtedly the various types of fishes owing to their proximity to the sea. In order to satisfy the various Asian palates, both fresh water & sea fishes are provided in ample supply along with dried fish. Rohu, Hilsha, sardine, Mackerel, Ancoys are some of the popular fishes. In addition, taking into account the convenience of the customers we have ensured that the fishes so provided would be cleaned & packed.


It’s common knowledge that the Indian subcontinent are ardent fans of lentil, an edible pulse which is used in the preparation of “dal”. It occupies such a vital position that a meal without this dish cant be even imagined. Keeping this in mind, Dal varieties are available in1, 2, 5 and 25 kg bags with reasonable pricing. All the possible dal varieties are been stocked be it Toordall , Masoordal , Urid whole white(Idly) , Chana dal, Red kidney(Rajma), Moong and other beans which are available in 1 kg and bulk packs.


This is basically a spicy side dish containing ingredients such as vegetables, fruit or meat which is cooked in edible oil or brine. Gujarati pickles are very popular along with pickles from Andhra and Kerala of premium quality and best selling brands are stocked in our section.


Indian made snacks are hugely popular among the various populations which includes the South Indian hot mixture, Banana chips, Haldiram snacks, Bikano snacks, Lays, Kurkure, Cake Rusk (eggless), Noodles & Indian biscuits.


This is one of the most popular evening snacks which is stuffed with spiced vegetables or meat & subsequently, deep fried. We have a wide variety of samosas, namely Punjabi Samosa, Cocktail Samosa, Fiji style Samosa & even a Hot and Spicy variety available in 6,12,25 and 100 piece packets. All of these packs contains popular chutneys but if extra chutney is deemed necessary, appropriate bottles of Mint or Samosa chutney are also provided.

Special products

Flavourin has always been the flag bearer when it comes to providing healthy & nutritious products. All sections of population are given due importance including the old & sick group due to which special flours for fasting and wheat products for Diabetes are supplied.

Instant mixes for Dosa, Vada, Upma, Gulabjamun, Dokla etc., all does occupy an important spot in our product list as it does have a lot of takers among the Asian population.


It won’t be prudent to boast of the fact that we do have one of the widest ranges in fruit produce ranging from the common apples, oranges to lychee.

Tea , Coffee & Malted drinks

The Middle East & the Asian population are well known for their intense liking for tea & coffee, which made us stock some of the best brands available such as Taj Mahal, Wagh Bakri, Red Label, Green Label, TATA Tea, Bru Instant and Sunrise Coffee. Keeping in mind the population who prefer cocoa based malted drinks, we have Bournvita, Boost and Horlicks on offer.

Sweets & dessert ingredients

When compared to the Western World, the Asian cuisine does have a lot to offer when it comes to the sweet tooth. This is especially so evident when we take the Indian subcontinent into consideration as each & every state starting from Kashmir to Kerala has such an array of sweets that it would be impossible to meet a single soul who would have atleast tasted a quarter of them. We have tried our best to bring that taste of India to Australia by stocking fresh homemade, Air-freighted Tin packed, foil packed and frozen sweets. Ingredients to make mouth watering desserts are also made available such as Ghee, Jaggery, Rose water, Rose syrup and Besan flour.

Ritual items

The Asian community, especially the Indians has an innumerable number of rituals owing to its varied culture & religions. So this has instilled us to stock up puja and religious items like incense sticks, camphor, cotton wick, pooja box, kumkukmand, Deewali Diya and Navratri specials.

Beauty products

Indian beauty products are very popular in the community leading to huge demands for hair oil, face creams, pain balms including Dabour, Fair & Lovely. Similarly, many soap and shampoo products which has caught the fancy of the community such as Mysore sandal soap, Vatika herbal shampoo etc., are also stocked.

Cooking utensils

In addition to the numerous food items, we also have an impressive collection of daily usage cooking utensils including pressure cooker, Kadai, Tawa along with mixer grinders and Ultra wet grinder of premier brands such as Preethi being on offer.

Information & Entertainment

Bollywood movies & songs are a craze the world over due to which we have the latest DVDs on offer at reasonable rates. Along with that we also offer mobile recharge cards at discounted rates.